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PSA: Keep your accounts safe!!!

Before posting make sure you are aquainted with our forum rules.

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PSA: Keep your accounts safe!!!

Quick PSA: we've been getting more and more reports of accounts being stolen. Keep your personal information secret and safe. Do not share accounts and any information related to them under any circumstance, because it's very hard for us to help you if someone else takes control of your account. :(

Take a moment to read this section from our official guidelines:

"Safeguarding user/player accounts

Take care to safeguard your account and take reasonable steps to do so. Never give out personal information that might compromise your account. Please also take reasonable steps to secure any other online services you use – such as email addresses – to ensure your account remains in your hands. If your account gets hacked or stolen, it is very difficult to for us to validate your claim as credulous. We recommend a password manager to safeguard your online presence. If you have issues recovering your account due to a lost password, our support department can only assist you if your account is registered to the email address it was created with, you can identify said email address and contact support using that very same address."

Thank you <3