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Problem getting into a room

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Problem getting into a room

Hey Mods/Geert :D,

I have a problem. As you can see writing in bug section ^^

Now I'm on familiy computer and when I login with my account I have no problem and I see list of rooms, but when I try to get into a room, it says "Uh, oh.. This room can not be joined, it may no longer exist......" Now, this bug happens if I log in with prem. or no prem. account, but with guest account I can log in with no problems and play like nothing is wrong. Changing the DNS does not help, also changing browsers does not work.

Here is the list of things I noticed while troubleshooting:

- Chat works
- setting DNS IPv6 to google DNS server also does not work
- It can be something to do with retrieving account data for the rooms, or maybe with logging the account to rooms (no clue how you have arranged :P), concidering that as guest I can play with no problem.
- All DNS flushes, shift/ctrl+F5, reseting the ethernet cards/routers/computer, trying different browsers does not work.

I saw that others have same situation like me, but I just said that you will spot my post faster as being "G_master" :P If you will need any extra info, just ask.

Hugs, one and only G_master :P

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Clan: MOD

Can you check this tool and give output back in this thread:


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Hey Geert,


OK finally got to computer that was causing these problems - I run this tool and outputed all Successful.


Hugs, G


Running Player.IO tests

[X] Successfully did simple Player.IO web request
[X] Successfully connected to Player.IO webservices
[X] Successfully loaded Player.IO PlayerObject
[X] Successfully loaded PayVault
[X] Successfully connected to Player.IO Multiplayer Service

Success! Everything works as expected.


I can't play in Curve fever  . From wednesday I can't enter the game. When I Click "PLAY" appear "signing in' and nothing happens.