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Problem after buying Premium

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Problem after buying Premium

Ok so this is what happened.
I decided to buy premium today and I did.

And now chrome keeps killing my page!!! (It wont work on explorer either)
It never happened before!!
The first game i played it worked fine but in the middle of the second one it started getting stuck!!
Now i cant create games!!! It gets stuck everytime!! And i cant open the "friends" column..!
This SUCKS im very disapointed...

Any helpers????????

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server is out will be back soon

Red Speed Pro

Clan: ALKP

no the servers works, there was bever a problem


no no i maneged to log in...
it just wont let create games and it wont let me open shit...
i can play but chrome keeps killing the page... whcih started happnening only after i started playing premium


this sucks man! i got my premium today and cant play lol!!!
how do i contact this geert guy ?!

Clan: ALKP


this are the contacts of the game


They never answer man =\\

Does geert ever answer anyone?

Clan: ALKP

idk, i never heared that anybody get help, by requesting help from geert. if still people buy premium and he earn money, why he should do something. it seems it isnt important for him.

if we see: bug at game->report it at forum->after 2 or 3 months he still ignore it and make a new senceless poll, or topic-> again 2 or 3 months later he react(and question something)->2 or 3 months later he maybe found the bug->2 or 3 month later its fixed.

this is the way how it works.

if we have for example the clanpage where jezevec10 and salietje work

bug at clanpage-> you speak with them-> 1 hour later its fixed

suggestion for clanpage-> you speak with them-> they update fast or tell you nice why it isnt good idea


i think geert should work like salietje and jezevec10 at clanpage then we would have a lot of happy people and i think ca 500000 player more in 1-2 months xD


lol well it doesent seem like this geert guy is doing a a very good job..
what if i talk to salietje or jezevec10? do you think theyll be able to help me?..

yes definately talk to salietje he will help you to all your problems not necessery curve problems.


Geert answered my email!
but ill talk to salietje aswell!