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pro-men extended

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pro-men extended

I want to add some informations to all the reports according the user pro-men.

I've noticed that there are way more accounts involved and also several clanwars were boosted matches.

I've found this match, that was leading me to a lot of other boosters:

I want to report the clans XxX KAPI Crwl GR and Oki for the following clanmatches:

The user of pan tost used the GR clan before, to boost other clans.

There are more suspective clanswars and a bunch of involved accounts. Please stop this.

Edit 02.12:

The first boosted clanwars are already too old for a matchlink.

ffa eu top 5.6%
team eu top 21%
Clan: DNVD

Dear [email protected],

thank you for your report.
Take a look at here please:

Kind regards

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