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PREVENTING people taking accounts

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PREVENTING people taking accounts

So I have recently seen a recent increase in people saying that their account got stolen, so what are some ways to help precent/ avoid that from hapening to you? 

- Well here are some tips on how to prevent this from happening to you:

  1. First off, if they want to go and buy you items (like coins or premimum), I am going to tell you first hand that they do not need your login information to buy you that kind of stuff, they can simple just type your name in instead of theirs when purchasing something and the transaction would go to your account.
  2. Second off, if they say they want to share accounts and you do not know them personally never do this because they can easily just change your login info when they login.
  3. Third off, if you are at school never go and make it so curve fever 2 will remember your password and username, because someone at your school can just go and sign and since you saved your info from your computer and change your password.
  4. If you think someone knows your password, make sure to change it immediately because your account might be in the hands of a hacker.
  5. Last off, this is a simple one but still very effective make sure your password is well designed/ complex to make it so it's harder to guess, I am not gonna lie I am a victim of having a weak password I use to have the pass of just my name (it's not now). You should probably have a special character in your password or a number, have it around 6 to 12 letters/ numbers, make sure it has at least 1 capital letter, for maximum protection!

That is all I have on how to prevent it as of now, make sure to stay safe! Also if you have tips on how to avoid it please reply to this/ make another comment regarding this.

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Very nice of you to share some tips! It is indeed important that you don't lose your account. Sticky to share the info to all of you wonderful curvers <3 Thanks RIVEZZZ

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Geert on 1 June, 2018 - 16:39

Awesome post RIVEZZZ heart!  Regarding having a safe password, my recommandation would be to use a password manager to generate strong passwords and keep them safe, something like lastpass or anything similar. smiley

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NoFlavor on 1 June, 2018 - 17:02
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A big thank to the moderator team

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We already had a topic like this 2 weeks ago, announced by a developer. So why posting another topic about it or making this sticky?!



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"Second off, if they say they want to share accounts and you do not know them personally never do this because they can easily just change your login info when they login."

yeah share them with people u trust and get banned for account sharing. 

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Alright yes we did, but he only briefly went over it he didn't go into much detail on this, so I was saying why they wouldn't need to give their password to get gifts/ items.and I also touched off on somethings he did not talk about, so I know that it is "the same thing" but its more of an updated and a revised why of, how they could prevent it, and some different tips. 


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Exellent point Sinnoh, But i was trying to hint at like if they are your brother or relative and they do not have an account. I know in cf3 some people only had snake on one account and shared an acc with 5 people and owned everything on that.


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Thx for tips ♡


How dumb can a person be if youre allowing a STRANGER to GUESS your password? Your iq must be well below 80 then.