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I've a quick question...

If I buy premium, does my friends (without premium) can use for example the POWERUPS, I bought, too without paying anything? (while I am in the game)

Edit: Can my friends without premium play with me Team?

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If you buy premium, you get the 5 premium powerups to use(3rd raw) and you won't pay the 500 coins for special setting each game. Your (non-premium)friends can always play team/at premium rooms for free, as long as they are not host(then the non-prem host has to pay 500 coins each game).

About the powerups, it only matters who is playing at the room. The host can use all items that got unlocked by the participants(and setting is ofcourse the same for everyone at the room). As example:

The host is new and got premium: 10 basic items + 5 premium items, another player of the room bought all buyable items and a 3rd one has unlocked green corner item. For this case, the host can use all those 21 items for the creation of the roomsetting.


Also if you are playing, but not hosting the room, your friend(added at the friendlist) doesn't have to pay the 500 coins. Atleast this is one of the advertised premiumfeatures, that your friends don't have to pay anything. However I've already noticed the case that a non-premium still had to pay the 500 coins due to a bug. So your friends should check if the "500 coin message" at the startbutton has disappeared for them and if not, they can simply give the host to you.



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Clan: weed

thank you very much♥

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Thank you for your question!
Since your question got answered I will close this topic :)

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