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Premium features

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Premium features

While checking out some stuff, I got curious about the premiumadvertisement. For several years there hasn't been an update, even tho not all benefits are (entirely) true anymore.

Link for non-premium users in game:

Advertised benefits + comments:

  1. no ads - This point is questionable, but several premiumusers complained about the big banner of CFpro at the lobbypage in game. Even tho it's the same gamegroup, a big part of the CurveFever 2 community is not interested in CFpro and they think the developers want to force them to play the new game. So where is the difference between normal ads and Cfpro advertisement?
  2. 8 players in your rooms -  Non-premium users are also able to create those rooms, since the coinsystem was introduced. They need to pay 500 coins per game, but there is a bug which allows them to get the coins back -> needs edit
  3. team games - same as 2.
  4. choose your favorite color
  5. pick your powerups - same as 2.
  6. all 5 premium powerups - same as 2.
  7. achievement powerups - same as 2.
  8. unlimited friends
  9. all friends play 4 free with you - as only the host has to pay coins, this feature doesn't exist anymore
  10. ranked games - same as 2. + as non-premium it is also possible to set ranklimits, if you copy the limit you want (e.g. 1200) and insert it into the min or max field -> it's easier for premium users to create ranklimit, but this feature was never limited to premium users only
  11. gold icons
  12. support your favorite game

So as you can see, there are 12 benefits listed, but only 4 benefits are still completly true. 5 benefits got restricted, one got restricted and is not entirely true(10.), one doesn't exist anymore(9.) and one is discussable(1.).


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Nice topic, I'd suggest free premium for everybody!

For real now, the premium has less features now, but I can only hope they put the cf2 premium money in the cf2 servers. In that case I think 10 euro for a year is still beneficial to us. The cf2 premium features description should be edited indeed.

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Thank you for your concern, we will review the points and we will post an update of it.

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