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Premium 8 player rooms and other players

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Premium 8 player rooms and other players

Hello. I want to buy premium because me and a couple of friends play Curve Fever in class. However, we often tend to be 7-8 players at the same time and paying 100 coins each time one of us is hosting is too expensive. As you probably already know, those who want to play on an 8 slot server have to pay 20 coins if they want to join. If I buy premium, does the participates still have to pay 20 coins each time we play?

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No, you just add them as your friends and they can play for free! Wink

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It isn't just that they don't have to pay the 20 coins for a premium game. If one of your non-premium classmates host the game and you have added him/her to your friendlist, they also don't have to pay the 100 coins.

Here you can find all the advantages of being premium and one of this advantages is "Your friends from the friends list can play together with you in premium games for free"

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Thanks for the help!

Jeg lever for skinke

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I realy want to buy 8 player game for 500 coins. My question is if i buy it do i have it forever or do i have it for just 1 game?


Sem Baten

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Just. 1. Game.

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Yes it's one game only. It concerns this following update :

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