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Political discussion between WranDon and several Australians

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Political discussion between WranDon and several Australians

Swoozy wrote:

So basically you are saying China has a stronger economy than Germany and India has a better economy than Australia? Actually don't answer that, the level of incompetence shown by you in terms of doing your research has really shown through your posts.

4000-5000 over 200 years, that is 25 killings per year, not sure how that can be considered mass killings.....

Even homeless American citizens defend america, doesn't make them any less bankrupt.....

Also I know (and as you admitted you know) I didn't have anything to do with what my country did decades and centuries ago, but please don't speak for me when you say I know that you didn't have anything to do with what your country did. Your actions towards Bronco, who is a jewish aboriginal, have led me to believe your people still hold a strong hatred towards the jewish community.

And as for you choosing where you are born, well that is true you can't choose where you are born, but you can choose where you want to live. And the fact you choose to live in a jew hating community (I mean we all hate jews sometimes, but to gas them is a bit overboard) just shows the kind of character you have.

And I never thought I would ever say this to someone but the overwhelming racism shown throughout your posts have lead me to believe you are nothing but a racist nazi.

Worst Regards,


Swoozy, even you are becoming a bit unobjective and insulting. Why don't you stay as frindly and respectful as I do? I'm trying to avoid an uncontrollable fight and "circle of insults", while you are doing the opposite. Think about that.

Of course, China's economy is more powerful than Germany's and Australia's, for China's GDP is higher. I have proven with the help of Wikipedia, that the GDP is the indicator for a country's economic power.

Germany isn't bankrupt, you have admitted that yourself.

Come on please, this is so ridiculous! How do you know, Bronco is jewish? And since when have Aborigines ever been jewish? Even if he was jewish, I could not know it, even if I hated him for it that wouldn't mean all Germans did (most (maby 95 per cent) have nothing against jews). And my actions towards Bronco have resulted from the absolutely inacceptable way he insulted me.

By the way: Bronco has sent me a PM yesterday, in which he apologized and for which I really give him great credit. I also apologized and we have settled our quarrel. So please stop maintaining things about him which are not true.

This is rubbish. I cannot choose where to live as long as I am not of legal age. And of course I haven't chosen to live in a jew hating community and I don't, there are Neo Nazi communities in Germany for sure, but just like in every country and in the US for example there are many more, just have a look at the Aryan Circle. And the gasification of jews was almost 70 years ago, most Germans didn't support it, today's Germans have nothing to do with it any more, so please ...

Your next statement is complete bullshit and you know it. I have never shown any racism in my posts, I only have defended myself after being attacked and insulted from several sides. It wasn't me who started it.

I claim not being a Nazi nor being accused to be one.

However, you seem to be a racist, as you apparently don't see the Germans as individuals but as a race which is racist and Nazi-like through and through.

What you are talking there is such a nonsense that I'm wondering if you are serious or kidding me.

Nevertheless kind regards,


JambyIsStraight wrote:

Some notes I've made:

  •     WranDon initiated "the bantz"by referring to Australia as "down there" and insulting an innocent Australian comment about the Singapore server.
  •     Australians returned bantz in the regular fashion, which seemed to surprise WranDon for some reason
  •     Someone said that the East Asian server should be online and WranDon
  •     WranDon doesn't seem to know that he has initiated "the bantz" and continuously asks for help after being repeatedly #rekt
  •     WranDon called a former cancer patient a liar and a retard
  •     WranDon is apparently oblivious and doesn't recognise that he has insulted Australia and its players repeatedly.

Some notes for Wrandon

  •     m8 is something we refer to people we dont like as.
  •     Adam Goodes, whose Ngarrindjeri given name is BroncoVERIFIED, is a former cancer patient and curvefever whiz
  •     If you cannot handle 'the bantz' do not start them

Dear JambyIsStraight,

oh, come on. "down there" was a silly joke and even written in inverted commas. The reactions were totally inappropriate. I was surprised by the inappropriateness of their reactions, including some really severe insults and even dead wishes. ... and WranDon what? No, I didn't call him a liar, I just said I don't believe him and if the story had been true, he would have insisted on it for sure; he didn't. I also didn't call him a retard, I said it is a possibility, I just can't know it. Yes, I have insulted Australians repeatedly, in oder to defend myself after being insulted by them.

Please stop it. Adam Goodes would never say things this bad and he has never had cancer.

Best regards,