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pleiades in action part 2

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pleiades in action part 2

I would like to add some stuff to my previous report about pleiades. Probably it doesnt matter anyways because the moderator Meechy is his friend, so I guess he wont get any punishment, but in my opinion the behaviour of pleiades shouldnt be acceptable, maybe I am wrong in this point. I dont mind his comments, but why he keeps talking to me, when i dont say a single word. In this report I could mention Nick too, he tried to be "funny" as well. I would appreciate it, if both of them could stop insulting me.

Here chat with game:

Nick: HEN
pleiades: ?
Nick: are u a virgin
Nick: srs question
pleiades: XDD
pleiades: HAHAHAHAHA
Nick: ?
Nick: srs.
Hardcore Speed: hey, I would report user for insulting me and talking about me in game. I got 1 screen and it isnt really nice what he is talking about me. I hope he will get a punishment and next time he will think before he wr
pleiades: KKR ZAW
Hardcore Speed: ik ga doodd
Nick: to be fair
pleiades: HAHAAHHA
Nick: being a virgin could be a good thing
Lich King: it is
DioR.: xd
Nick: doesnt have to be an insult
DioR.: rekt
pleiades: being a loser tho isnt
Death-Note: gj
Nick: maybe all the girls in poland
Juo Chiou: gj
Nick: are too ugly
Juo Chiou: lmao
DioR.: xdd
pleiades: gotta be this reason

Hard Drop: cze vito
Vito...: cze
Hard Drop: vito i saw pleiades
Hard Drop: being rude
Nick: h
Hard Drop: plei why u so rude lol
Hard Drop: ..
pleiades: vito what do your parents say about it actually?
Lich King: pleiades being toxic is a common thing...
Nick: anna im a virgin can i lose it to u]]
Hard Drop: sure nick
Hard Drop: "lose"
Hard Drop: lmao
Nick: ye its a disease]
Lich King: xD
Hard Drop: ye give it to me

pleiades: guys stop being idiots
pleiades: vito is a winner
pleiades: he didnt lose virginity because he never loses

r10beast: what are you using?
r10beast: joystick?
Nick: yes
Nick: driving
Nick: wheel
r10beast: you should ask abdil for advice
r10beast: hes joystick expert
Nick: im good with my joystick
Nick: are you good with yours vito?
pleiades: xddd
Lich King: worst joke ever
Nick: Smile

pleiades: what version u got nick?
pleiades: v-irginity?
Nick: supersoaker3000
Nick: hen

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Dear Vito...,

in addition to this: I want to say that this is absolutely no proof as it can be easily written by yourself.
Especially as parts are missing. Please use the tribunal function next time.

Kind regards

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