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Play test the new Curve Fever gameplay

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Play test the new Curve Fever gameplay

Hello everyone,


I hope you are all doing well. I am super excited to let you know that we’re organizing a playtest of the new Curve Fever gameplay this Friday, July 27th between 8 and 10 pm CEST. We would love for you to join and test out the latest game mode and leave some feedback in the survey at the end.

The devs and I are looking forward to playing some Curve Fever with all of you!

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See you this Friday!






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new battle royale ? xd


How are we supposed to join when there's no link given?

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This is just a new game mode on Curvefever pro or?




It's going to be an open playtest and I'll share the link to the playtest Friday around 8 pm CEST in the newsletter and here on the forum, Facebook, Twitter, Discord etc. 

I will be interested ! Send a link here on friday and I will try it




Actually I cant try this out on Friday since I have to play sports at that time :(


Can somebody please record the game play and then link that recording here?


Ye I will make a video about it, also check the cfp forum, they made a post about this playtest with detailed info! Actually sounds interesting..

thanks scars!


No problem my king


cfp forum post 


New gameplay mode

We started off by changing the way players are eliminated. We feel that in the current live version of the game it can be very random/luck-based if you kill or get killed by someone in the first few seconds of a round. It’s especially frustrating as a new player when you don’t really know what’s going on, and suddenly you die and have to wait until the next round starts. In the new gameplay you won’t die if you get shot (or attacked by anything offensive) but instead, some of your points get stolen. These points fly out from your ship into the ship of the player who shot/attacked you. This way we go back to the roots of the original Curve Fever game: only dying when hitting a curve.

Field size adjustments. The field size will adjust depending on the number of players in a game. We’ve seen a lot of custom games being played with 2/3/4 people and it’s not very fun trying to interact with less than 6 players in all that open space. So now the field automatically shrinks to smaller sizes for anything less than 6 players.

Closed borders. Borders will no longer be open in the new game mode since with all the changes to the game-play having open borders felt too chaotic it simply no longer fit the playstyle. Not to mention that open borders would look odd for any of the smaller field sizes in custom games.

No more laser walls. With the new game style, players are more than motivated to want to interact with each other as much as possible. Therefore laser walls simply have no more purpose after the update.

Curve gaps. Gaps in the curves are significantly smaller and they now have random intervals, for some extra spice to the gameplay.

The game will last for up to 10 rounds max. How many rounds you play a game will be determined by who reaches a certain number of points first (a goal). This also reinforces the motivation to go for the player with the most points, since that way you can keep the game from ending and get more time to come back. You can see who is close to reaching the goal in the new in-between rounds scoreboard.

Point system

The amount of points you get from attacking someone is now a percentage (previously it was a flat value). That means that you will get more points when you attack the person with the most points and substantially lower amount of points from someone with fewer points. This gives players an opportunity to come back regardless of how far behind they are. This will offer grandmasters a nice challenge and a better opportunity for them to show their skills.

You start the match with 10 points and you are given 10 survival points for every other ship that dies before you. This way survival is still important and valuable, especially in the first few rounds where players are yet to accumulate a substantial amount of points.

Cooldown-based modules

Modules will no longer need energy to be activated. After you use a module, it goes on cooldown. You can see the modules charging below your ship and once they are fully charged, they activate and can be used again. With this change, we are able to remove the energy from the field and let players focus more on pathfinding and interacting with each other. This way the game is more balanced, as previously some players might get lucky energy spawns and win the round just because of that, or use speed/speedy fever to collect all the energies before others.

In order to keep the game balanced, updating modules will only change how resistant you are to attacks as well as how many points you can steal from other players during the match. This way we can ensure a balanced game in every evenly matched game.

Fevers and mines

Fevers are now color coded so that you can tell which fevers are yours and which aren’t - your fevers will have the same color as the ship you play with. Same with mines.

Fevers will have an activation time when placed since now they can put some points in your intergalactic ship-pockets when an enemy picks them up. Also, the max throwing range for fevers has been significantly increased to better facilitate their role as traps.

Repulse fever will become deactivation fever (don’t quote me on the new name) which will make the player that picks it up unable to use their modules.

Stealth mine will become more like a normal mine that blends in better with the background.


Bullets are bigger, faster, (STRONGER!) and travel until they collide with a ship or the walls. The bullet art-style has also been adapted to better suit the rest of the visuals in the game.

What’s next  [:eyes:]

Pheu, this was a long one!  [:smile:]  Thank you all for your attention and stay tuned for the playtest announcement (date, time and all that useful info). We are very excited about the new gameplay and we are looking forward to getting your feedback and thoughts on it. Together with your feedback, we can tie up any loose ends, wrap things up and push the update live for everyone to enjoy asap.


CF pro is bad...

-there are no team games

-its a no skill game since there is no thin

-some players have an advantage over other because they bought upgrades


would be loads better if you just made a CF2 copy with a new engine.

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The cf2 community at its finest

Join my CF2 and CF2 remastered discord!

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Aw maaan, right during the eclipse? :(

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Ok, so now you are trying to make CF pro more like cf2, but you are still making the same mistake. Snakes in CF pro are not equal.

Why don't you listen to your community? We were saying from the beginning that we just want to move cf2 to a better platform. But instead you make new stupid games and delete comments.

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Why is there are ad for this thing in Curve Fever 2, without even saying it's for curve fever pro, that can't be called Curve Fever at anypoint... Lol , Your moderators said that they needed to change things cause everybody thought that Curve Fever 2 is newer version then Curve Fever Pro... guess why, cause CURVE FEVER PRO SUCKS!

P.S. I'm premium for like 1/2 years, can I get partial refund for that cause I can see they want destroy cureve fever 2 like curvefever 3... Firstly they said no more updates we are making new game.. and then, when 35% of players stopped playing they just said "Hey , as there is small amount of players you can guyz go and suk a dik , we are turning of this game in a month or so"... Really is that the way to manage something like that.. Be ashame... Instead of adding new modes to Curve Fever 3 or even CF2 you made the game that none likes? Really, and then trying to kill better games to get attention to that shitty one? FFS

Curve Fever PRO will never be the Curve Fever and I'm glad to see players from cf3 coming to cf2 instead of going to cf pro(not cf actually) .... Guess WHY?

<b> I did nothing wrong, just like my hero!</b>

<b>Baba Froga </b>

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i hope u will not end the cf2 totally, this new comes like a new game like, cuz we still like the cf2 and come to play

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I want to try for some reason but how?

Clan: HC

Anyone played?

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As an old schooler, I was a bit skeptical about the new game (as until now almost every major upgrade was more or less downgrade), but I tried it anyway.


I did, and frankly I quite enjoyed it! Why?

It is actually closest CF version get to the initial game (basic PUs setup) than ever, without the luck factor (I got a lot of "you won just because powerup spawned near [email protected]#@!#%"). I actually don't like thin games, first as it takes too long, second, it is not much of an interactive game as mostly you only needed to watch your part of the screen, RS is quick but still luck dependant, GS is nice but need really good PC + connection. 

But in CF PRO you choose which PU you will have thought out the game, therefore you choose your style of play, and because you can not change them throughout the game AND you always know what it the cooldown time, there is no luck factor anymore. And because PUs are mostly offensive, there is a lot of interaction and you need to pay attention to the whole field, and camping does not work because one can send a mine in the middle of the camp and bye bye 10-30 points. So the game includes a lot of interaction and the game itself ends in 5 to 10 min - perfect!

The controls are OK, fast response, I think a good game engine.

Still, there are still many problems with the game:

  • Shooting is in my opinion too powerful - it almost does not matter if you win or losing in first few rounds, as in last round you can get shot twice and get stripped 2 wins of points in a second. Therefore the game is less CF (skill of space control, curve handling etc.) as we know it but a more action-oriented game, which is not necessarily worse. Instead of percentage steal reward for shooting I'd make it fixed, so you need to pay attention from the start and first round actually matters.
  • It has become very much P2P - getting max updates is just impossible to grind, as they limit you to 2-8 boxes (depending how many PUs you have unlocked) per DAY, which says "no grinding, pay moneyz of play for a year just to get equal to others". And as the final round is mostly shooting game, having half the strength of the opponent PU it 100x harder to win unless playing defensively. I still win it frequently though :P
  • Therefore, they transformed CF from simple "skill-based" game to  "RPG-like" game. Even though they proclaim it is now "offering exploration, raising experience, fun more than before", they are just braking f2p for the moneyz. But hey, developers need to live from something.
  • Laser is just OP
  • There are still "ships" - hard to control the snake with pixel accuracy when you don't see where is the line. 

That is mostly it. But at least try it, and do not rant too fast if someone has much better PUs than you, the win is much sweeter it you beat him xD



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G_master marry me and come to cf 2 u old madafaker, I have not seen you for centuries!

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Meh, too key-laggy, and good players only in thin, which is for me boring... Best PUs were premium for me, but no rooms in CF2... And CFpro is actually challenging, as others with better snakes are similar skill to me with basic ship xD


And who the ** are you? xD New accounts continue I see...

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it's just like CF3 remastered.

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Nope, the cooldowns (which was added 5 days ago) makes it action packed game :D