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PeNdl focusing in FFA

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PeNdl focusing in FFA

Hi!, Today i was playing an FFA and got constantly focused but this guy without a reason. This user mainly focused me and VladyChocolady.


Suspected user: 

As you can see he has only played 3 games in 20 days on this account, making me believe he is using different accounts to focus us.

Broken rule: ♠ 3.2 A user intentionally attacking a single user with no will to play the game for it's intended purpose 



I made as many screenshots I could where you clearly can see that he is targeting us.


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Dear Krimmaster,

thank you for your report, somehow my answer few minutes ago didn't show up.
The screenshots you are providing are too less, as this way not different of a normal kill-ratio of a leader in a speed game and no suspicious targetting moves at all.

Kind regards

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