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Payments gone terribly wrong

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Payments gone terribly wrong

I recently purchased three things for CF, 2x 5500 coins for 4,99 euro's, and premium for 4,99 euro's. But alot of things didn't go right. Firstly, I accidently bought two 5500 coin packages, while I meant to buy 5500 coins AND premium. Secondly, my impatient ass decided  not to wait for the first problem to be solved, but to buy premium immediatly. My Paypal decided that the payment I was gonna make for premium couldn't go through until june 17th. So short story short, I feel screwed over and don't really know what to do to fix things and get what I initially wanted. Few transaction references (don't know if necassary):




Also I opened a request in paypal to get my wrong payment back, don't know how that's gonna unfold.


Thanks in advance!


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Hi Jesse,

Thank you for reporting the issue. Can you send your issue to They are normally very quick in solving these issues.

Best regards,