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Password did not work

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Password did not work

Hello, I have a problem, that when I try to log in the game doesn't let me log in, it says my password is wrong

Clan: KOLL

Maybe you have used a different password than you think. As I can see you just played one game, so you probably just logged in direct first time and after that had to try it with (wrong) password.
You can simply set a new password. Thats how to do it:

1. Log out at the forum.

2. Click on "login" at the top right.

3. Click on "Request new password"(next to "Log in").

4. Enter the e-mail address you have used to register the account and click "E-mail new password".

5. Login at your mailaccount and open the link send at the mail from CurveFever.

6. Set a new password.

7. Enjoy playing CurveFever2.



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