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Our team

The office

In the office we have a dedicated team working every day. With much care we design and develop every feature that goes into Curve Fever. We keep track of what is going on in the community and make changes where we think it is necessary. 


Geert created Curve Fever. His mission in life is to make sure people attend as little lessons at possible at school, and play Curve Fever instead. Besides Curve Fever, Geert likes to do all kinds of outdoor sports, like survival running, orienteering, mountain biking, snowboarding, etc. You can seduce Geert with cookies.

Jos | Rojoss

Jos is one of the developers for Curve Fever and he also does the community management. He mostly works on the server code and general framework things. In his free time he also does a lot of programming for Curve Fever and for Minecraft to make plugins. He also loves to play Dota, cycle, watch movies and go outdoors.

Pim | SojaBird

Pim joined the Curve Fever force to work as a programming-king. He loves to participate in game-jams such as Ludem Dare, where he makes small games within 48 hours. He plays the trombone in various bands where the music ranges from smooth jazz- to musical.

The staff

Without our staff, Curve Fever would not have been the same. These people help us in all sort of ways, for example with moderating the forum, organizing tournaments, making radio and many more things. This is our staff:


His main job at Curve Fever is taking care of the clan system. Besides Clans site, he also created the Tribunal and Chat. Jezevec likes playing multiplayer Tetris and riding a bike.