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Our plans for Curve Fever 3

Hi guys,

As you know, we are working on Curve Fever 3: Snakes on a Plane! Internally we have laid out a great plan to bring you a fresh and new Curve Fever. In the upcoming weeks we will slowly, but steadily tell you more about what it will be. It will have a lot of new and interesting gameplay elements. But today I want to tell you about some things that we will improve upon the old Curve Fever 2.

State of Curve Fever 2

We all love Curve Fever 2. It is a great and simple concept, that you can quickly play during a break on schools, or when you are at home. But the game also has some problems, which make the game less fun to immerse into, or to play for a long time. These are the problems we see in Curve Fever 2, that we want to improve in our next installment

  1. Repetitive gameplay Let’s face it. Curve Fever is for many the same game, over and over again. Yes, there are powerups, but they are always almost the same set. And from the first time till the 100th time you played the game, the game offers you the same. There is no sense of progression. If you are not blessed with a fantastic index finger and ring finger, than there is no feasible goal you can reach in the long run. We want to give players the possibility to make meaningful long term choices and goals in Curve Fever 3. And we want to give casual players a reason to come back, an ever changing way Curve Fever is played.
  2. Content locked away If you read point 1, you might think: “Hey, there is team games, and custom powerup settings, and friends. The game is not repetitive at all!” This is true, but you have to pay to make really use of them. We have met quite some people who love our game, but many don’t know that you can change powerup settings, or that you can play team games. The content is there, but you have to pay for it, making only a small group of people enjoy the most out of Curve Fever. This has to change!
  3. Competitive play only interesting for top 200 I personally, love competitive gaming. Therefor we have the - seldomly seen - FFA rankings, and it actually works! But it is not interesting for 99% of our players. They are below 1400 rank, and don’t care what their rank is. Why should they, as they have none to compare with. We have great ideas on how to make ranking and competitive play more interesting for everyone.
  4. Social interactions are average at best The friendslist is not a friends list, but a beggars list. People who want to play team games because you bought a premium account. And there is no clear way to solidify your friends group, no group chat or clan chat. In a game that wants to be about social connections, this can be done way better.

With Curve Fever 3: Snakes on a Plane! we try to improve on these points. How we will do it exactly, we will tell you in the upcoming weeks, but for now we want to first tell you some important news:

The release date

We can tell you that we will start a beta of the game at the end of March 2016 for the big public. This means that we have a big list of features we want to have in Curve Fever 3. We try to implement as many as we can before March 2016, but in March 2016, you can play Curve Fever 3. We won't close Curve Fever 2 when Curve Fever 3 is released!

Curve Fever 3 vouchers for our customers

We value the support you already gave us, and therefore we want to make you a good offer. As Curve Fever 3 is a brand new game, and therefor won’t have the same content or products as Curve Fever 2, it will be impossible to give you the same products in Curve Fever 3. But we do value that you spend money on our game. Therefor we will give players who have bought stuff in Curve Fever 2 a voucher so they can buy whatever they want in Curve Fever 3. It will be valued at 150% of the unconsumed value in Curve Fever 2. So let’s calculate what that means:

Premium subscriptions When you have bought a premium subscription for a year (9.99 euro) and are left with half a year, you get a voucher for 1/2 * 9.99 * 150% = 7.49 euro

Coins People who will buy coins for Curve Fever 2 now (from November 2015 and onward) will get a voucher in Curve Fever 3 too! If you buy a coin pack now (for example 9.99 euros) you will get a voucher of 150% of that coin pack. So that is 9.99 * 150% = 14.99 euro.

Rewarded prices We will treat the rewarded prices for official tournaments as money prices, so you get a voucher for the unconsumed value times 150%.

I hope you liked this little blog. From now on we will make biweekly updates on our progress in our blog! Stay tuned! Soon, there will be an Q&A where you can ask all your questions, and we will answer them!


What happens for me? i have lifetime premiumship :P


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