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option to play a sound after a round is over

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option to play a sound after a round is over

Sometimes during a game when I die early I'd like to make push ups and I do it. 
However even after 10 push ups I'm doing the round finishes before I finish so I die in the next round. 
As a remedy to this a sound at the end of the round would let me know to stop making pushups and come back to the game.

By doing this - if you do this - I hope you lovely team - you will not only strenghten players in Curve Fever but also in the offline world. Smile

I really hope that you will be so kind to implement it. I'm eager to implement it. I'm programmer so I can do it if you let me. It's important to me and it will make me enjoy the game even more. 

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The page title is changing during countdown so you could always develop it by yourself.