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[Official] Summer Battle, nominees are clear!

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[Official] Summer Battle, nominees are clear!


It's been almost a month since I announced Summer Battle. This morning, we had a deadline for qualifying there. Now, the nominees are clear and in this post, I will announce them. Some people did not qualify there who should have. Why? Well, there were many reasons but the main one was inactivity. This time, there were only few players, that boosted their rank - that's positive. The 3 tournaments of the Summer Battle will be held on 15th of September. The first tournament, which will be a 1 vs. 1 tournament, will begin at 19:00 CEST. The FFA tournament will begin at 20:00 CEST and Teams tournament will begin at 21:30 CEST. As I mentioned in announcement post, there will be a Final Battle of Summer which will be held on 16th of September, the time will be decided with participants. Now, back to the main point - the nominees:

1 vs. 1

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  1. CarnageFX, 1575
  2. TheReal_OBEY, 1557
  3. Bloodred, 1548
  4. Lone Soldier, 1528
  5. Cocaine', 1523
  6. sima., 1513
  7. Shikon., 1505
  8. Pancake', 1505


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  1. Bloodred, 2021
  2. Cocaine', 1993
  3. FRANSWAG......................., 1951
  4. Lone Soldier, 1921
  5. Sun Ra, 1916
  6. CarnageFX, 1913
  7. Dark Rage, 1892
  8. Nitrogen Dioxide, 1892
  9. Destin., 1886                                                                                                                                       
  10. Arrow., 1880     
  11. .Monster., 1871 
  12. Armani Banani, 1838
  13. MÆSTRO, 1831
  14. Kizza00232Jera, 1826
  15. Galileo., 1825
  16. EZWAYS, 1822
  17. Ivy Cel, 1821
  18. GicaG, 1818
  19. Shikon., 1812
  20. Kuroky, 1811
  21. Patefon, 1808
  22. Daresco, 1808
  23. Ken', 1807
  24. TheJoka, 1800
  25. poodsdiepie, 1799
  26. Tell why me, 1793
  27. sNik, 1793
  28. Mylifeispotato, 1781
  29. Racmus, 1768
  30. Xm, 1755
  31. Beauty', 1753
  32. maggot88, 1746                                                                                                                                                                                              


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  1. Bloodred, 2077
  2. CarnageFX, 2002
  3. General Graardor, 1975
  4. Nitrogen Dioxide, 1945
  5. BrutalSzymon, 1864
  6. Lone Soldier, 1851
  7. Pancake', 1817
  8. sima., 1806
  9. EZWAYS, 1806
  10. jimmydb, 1803
  11. ivan567, 1796
  12. BAXUID, 1790
  13. Kiver, 1786
  14. Crowly', 1761
  15. Tell why me, 1756
  16. _____Zyzz_____, 1749  


To these ones, who qualified for the Summer Battle on multiply accounts, I decided to add that account, on which you are on multiply Battles or had the highest rank during the deadline. People, who qualified for Teams tournament, need to sign up with their teammates and decide who will be their captain, more info about it will be announced on sign up topic.

Schedule for 3 tournaments is ready, too! Special thanks to Ludza for helping me out! Schedule is visible on this spreadsheet:

P.S. Credits to Last Battle's tournament schedule, the schedules are really similar.


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I will not be competing in this competition. Please give my spot to the next person available. 

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She played corner ffa and They are both in this competition so I doubt if real can plays on 2 accs :s Hours cane be ok and u are right noone really tried it.

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Good luck to those who qualified!

rly? how carnage managed to beat run and kizza twice in a corner ffa tournament? oO she became that good under reals influence or it was him actually? oO

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I doubt if old is good in corner and he doesnt play ffa never and Carnage has very good skill in corner at least in ,,touch'' her own lines I think its enough to win ffa corner, in team corner u need really amazing skill.

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Nice :) Good luck to everyone who qualified and let the battles begin!

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I didn't play for her and I never used her account. I showed her a technique to press a key fast 2 times and I told also a few other tips for corner. However, those tips don't help much as you don't really need corner skills to win in corner FFA. It's almost same as winning none, thin, basic or special: it's mostly just about FFA skills. She already won a semi final 1 year ago in a room where I also played and winning a final isn't much harder than winning a semi final. In 1 year she also became a lot better so she could pretty well win any FFA tournament now. Just because we are friends it doesn't mean she can't win alone.

I don't like FFA anyway because the game still has the same problem as years ago: In FFA you shouldn't recognize who is which color because then focusing wouldn't be possible and having friends in room wouldn't help. The game would be very much more enjoyable. Now FFA is boring because of focusing and teaming, and that's why I don't like to play FFA tournaments.

The winner topic should already be made so we could post there, as this is off topic here. But there is no better place for it at the moment.

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You're not even allowed to share accs and anyone accusing roxy of getting boosted by real are just jealous - simple as that. She is an amazing player and she won this all by herself :) Congrats to roxy! Also congrats to all the nominees, good luck in the upcoming matches :p

pls teach me corner technique too my worst item ;-; u can understand so many ppl have "ass pain" when someone like not rly good player wins tour or someone else wins it for him :/

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Shockingly I have a post that is on topic! Wahoooo

Yay I made it in to teams and 1v1, probably because a lot of people didn't try which made it easier, but still I am still happy I made it :p

But apparently I don't get in for ffa... with 1887 rank. I asked Jaan and his reply was almost exactly "You were inactive, rules are rules".

First of all, does it matter if I didn't play much ffa in the past month? I played some games and I stayed well above the top 32. There was no other reason for me to play ffa unless I enjoy it more than teams, which I don't. I don't see why that would disqualify me. (Maybe this is irrelevent but I have practically been top 5 or so on ffa all year, one of the few active ffa players.)

Regardless of that, if you are going to be petty enough to DSQ me because "rules are rules" then I will be petty enough to question the rule. "You cannot qualify by being inactive, inactive players will not count." Since it doesn't say it is specific to each mode and it is clearly under "general rules" I have not broken the rule because guess what? I am active. My specific ffa activity means nothing.

Tbh I wouldn't bother writing this if I was taken out of team or 1v1 for whatever reason, but at least I have a chance of doing well in ffa. :)

P.S I tried to discuss this with you in private messages, Jaan, but you pretty much ignored me when I asked anything. So I decided to bring it here...

cos such things have already happened


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Alright I just wanted to mention that real didn't do anything.

I was and still am her mentor, I taught her everything. I don't feel like saying congrats since it was only a corner ffa but yes she has been a good student (so far).

my guide for improving cf performance 3.1