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[Official] Summer Battle!

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[Official] Summer Battle!


From time to time, rank's value has decreased. That's why I have decided to host an official Summer Battle. The structure is similar to Last Battle's which has been held officially twice by now. The purpose of the event is to increase rank's value and show until how far can players get nowadays at rankings when they try to. The Summer Battle will include all gamemodes which are played on European server - FFA, Teams, 1 vs. 1.  

FFA - top 32 players will qualify for Summer Battle.

Teams - top 16 players will qualify for Summer Battle.

1 vs. 1 - top 8 players will qualify for Summer Battle.

There will also be a competition between the best participants of the Summer Battle. Everyone who participate in Summer Battle gain some points which will be given according to participants' final position in the tournament. More points will be given to player that ends up on higher position in the tournament. After all 3 tournaments, 8 players with most points will fight in the Final Battle of Summer which will work out in a new way. You have bigger chances to reach the Final Battle of Summer if you qualify for more than 1 tournament of the Summer Battle.

Rankings will be set in stone on the 2nd of September, 5:30 CEST.

NB: Everyone that have qualified for the Summer Battle will be investigated. Cheating causes automatical disqualification from the event. If someone qualifies for the Summer Battle by using unfair techniques, the next fair player that did not qualify will get their spot.


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  • You cannot qualify by being inactive, inactive players will not count.
  • Intentional targeting in FFA is not allowed.
  • No playing on someone's else account in FFA, Teams or 1 vs. 1. Official tournaments are the only exceptions.
  • No teamplay in FFA.
  • Exploiting the rank system is strictly forbidden.
  • Breaking any general Rule of Curve Fever 2 is also strictly forbidden.


  1st place: Champ title + icon; 1 year of premium or 5000 coins
2nd place: 3 months of premium or 2000 coins
3rd place: 1 month of premium or 1000 coins 

This will be like this in all 4 tournaments which will be held in the Summer Battle! 


Players that will break none of these rules will qualify for the Summer Battle.

NB: Your account must have at least 200 plays at the time of the deadline to qualify for the Summer Battle.


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Good are doing a great job for cf!!

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Sounds great, Jaan!

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I vote to replace Geert with Jaan!


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Niceeeeeeee Jaan *_*

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Im sry, but can u put some items in this battle? its the only reason I could try if interesting things, today is 24th august 9 days around left.


Hey Shikon.,

Nice idea!

Do you already know when are the date for playing it?