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The Official last Champion of 2016 is slovakpro!

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The Official last Champion of 2016 is slovakpro!

First thing first, we apologise for the delay of this announcement. Christmas is the time of the year that keeps most of us busy! Last week, an invitation was sent to those involved which were the following; Run., Sinnoh, Arrow., slovakpro and Yossha. Although Yossha were not able to participate we proceeded to play the tournament which took place on the 22nd December.

As there were only 4 players, we knew it would be small map and a quick game. So we decided to introduce the tournament with a little twist to our 4 participants; To play 3 games in which they receive certain amount of points from which place they end up on.


Spoiler: Highlight to view

1st - 3 points
2nd - 2 points
3rd - 1 point
4th - 0 point

The tournament was played by 4 players in a small map which gave them restrictions from many different tactics. So the game consisted mostly of camping. As the players gained points from game to game the excitement grew when the scoreboard showed:

We all knew that Run. had to gain the 1st place with Sinnoh as runner-up and slovak in third place for a tie game. Not to be a spoiler but we are happy to announce our last Champion of 2016: slovakpro!

Video of the tournament:

Thank you all for participating and Happy New Year!

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