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[Official] The Last Battle 2017

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ffa eu nr. 12
1v1 eu nr. 36
team eu nr. 12

@Meechy Darko 5:26 game finished not started.

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ffa eu nr. 67
1v1 eu top 1.5%
team eu nr. 2
Clan: n

ffa eu nr. 60
1v1 eu nr. 3
team eu nr. 39

Nick wrote:

The genius we all needed, BAXUID.

I'm, exceptionally, far from that status. I will, however, criticise anything that deserves criticism. My criticism never intends to be offensive; it is, purely, constructive.

ffa eu nr. 3
1v1 eu nr. 48
team eu top 1.7%


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ffa eu nr. 18
1v1 eu top 14%
team eu top 2.7%

= Detectivexx1 wrote:

Bjavi9 obtuvo su lugar de una manera justa. Revisé todos sus juegos. Este juego a las 5:26 por oldghz parece sospechoso. Pero decide por ti mismo. Enlace:[/quote]

we all play fair.

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ffa eu nr. 50
1v1 eu top 15%
team eu nr. 24
Clan: mush

Yeh anyways, the list of the players who are in for the last battle is online. this topic will be closed soon. 


PS: I thought it didn't sent my comment, noticed too late that it's the time were the match ends. ^^

ffa eu top 0.4%
1v1 eu nr. 14
team eu nr. 3
Clan: FaZe

If you accuse people of boosting their ffa rank, you should be able to back that up with evidence. Your word alone isn't enough proof to cancel a tournament that was planned well in advance. If you judge anyone of anything in general, you have to be sure that you can prove that your statement is correct. Otherwise your accusation is just a defamation. There are many ways to cheat in ffa games, and the way it happens can be so subtile that not many even take notice of it. In my experience most games consist of teaming and focussing. It's something that always existed in this game and a problem most players are aware of. 


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