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[Official] The Last Battle 2017

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[Official] The Last Battle 2017

Hey guys!

im really glad to announce this years Last Battle!

What is the last battle?

  • In 2016, the best two team players in EU Rankings (theRealMadridcf and oldghz) created their own teams (they chose friends, good players on their own) 
  • The Last Battle 2016:
  • They played 3 games: Thin, Special and Green Speed.
  • Winner got a special title (best team player ... )


The Last Battle 2017

This year, we decided to change this competition a bit:

- Best 8 EU Rank FFA play against each other (3 matches with thin special and g speed)
  (Check current Leaderboard here: )

- Best 2 EU Team ranks create their teams and play against each other (same items as FFA)
   (Check current Leaderboard here: )

- Best 2 EU 1v1 Ranks play against each other (Same items as team and FFA)
   (Check current Leaderboard here: )

- You dont have to be premium to join this competition!

Deadline: 18th of December, (5:30 CET)

That means: You basically have time, untill sunday night (monday already) 5:30 CET. If you play a game at 5:19, for example, from 2034 to 2050, and it ends 5:29 CET, and you're first in ranks, then you qualified for the next stage. If it ends at 5:31 (or later) you wont get the points which means you wont be first.

The General Curve Fever rules are to be observed. Anyone who has been given a place on an illegal way is disqualified and the following places will be re-nominated. The rank update will be at 5:30 (18th of december) Amsterdam time. 

Let the Battle begin!!

Questions? Comment below! 

Good luck and have fun

Meechy Darko

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1v1 eu nr. 5
team eu top 1.4%

I'm confused, does this mean there will be 3 seperate tourneys with 3 seperate titles awarded? I.E. Best FFA/Team/1v1 player?

ffa eu top 80%
1v1 eu top 22%
team eu nr. 63
Clan: Boss

Team -> Best of 3 games 
FFA -> Most points in 3 games 
1v1 -> Best of 3 games

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Question to field size:

1vs1 speed - full field, 1vs1 thin - scaled field, but whats about 1vs1 special? For special scaled and full field are both usual modes.



My time:

ffa eu top 0.7%
1v1 eu top 8.2%
team eu nr. 61
Clan: NOOB

I suggest to set a date for the FFA tournament. It's easy for example to compromise a date and time to do the 1v1 games since there are only 2 participants. A preliminary date could be set for the team tournament that can be changed if both teams agree to. But its much more difficult to do that with 8, and especially during holiday seasons.

Will the other teammates in the team receive titles too?