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[Official] December Schedule (Dates, etc)

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[Official] December Schedule (Dates, etc)

Hey guys, to have a overview and also FYI, here's a schedule for this months tournaments and competitions

# Saturday, 16th of December 20:00 CET (GMT+1), 1v1 none tournament
Sign up here:

# Saturday. 23rd of December 19:00 CET (GMT+1), The Last Battle 
  - team battles, 1v1 and ffa battles

For the people, who think they will qualify for the battles, make sure that your available at these days. Unfortunately, these are the only free dates on the weekend to let the Battles take place.

Don't know yet about the Last Battle? Check here:

# Saturday, 30th of December 20:00 CET (GMT+1), Allround tournament
- Sign up coming soon!

# Camp challenge (check here: . Remember, if all teams want to camp at the end, not everyone will be picked up, unfortunately we can not divide ourselves :D So, make sure you get your record in time.

Questions?  Comment below!


Good luck and have fun

Meechy Darko


gj dude!

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Hi meechy,

I think I will be qualified for the last battle FFA on Superwolf. (nr 2 ffa) but it is very hard for me to be here on the 23rd (it's the day before christmas and family will be here). Is it possible to play the tournament on the 22nd ? It is also a weekend and I think more people will be available ?

Thanks in advance,


ffa eu top 5.7%
1v1 eu top 6.9%
team eu top 8.7%

thx meechy

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Clan: lip

Would also be nice to have a million dollar :p maybe next year bro

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