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Hello dear developers team!

I would ask you to make popup announcement of slow connection smaller then it is now. It covers half of the map. I predict the answer that you are very busy with cf3 and it is not on the priority list and want to ask if it is hard task? 

Also wanna find out much if chat bugs like following friend to the room and freeze on start of the round(when you don`t see how other players play round) solvable

My 3d question is why we have screen glitch in room before start. Host can`t understand how many players are in room.

Hope you will not answer like we have no time. It is not professionally. We invest money in game wich looks like BETA version for years and got only cosmetic changes as feedback. 

Yours sincerely, 

reggae girl!

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i fully support this topic!

hope they will fix the small last things in oldskool cf

Give up is not an option for me

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Hi reggea girl and oldghz,

I understand your proposal. I think they are very good ideas. However, we are finishing up on Curve Fever 3, and don't have time to fix these issues in Curve Fever 2. So, not at this moment, unfortunatly.

Best regards,