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Not real Lag?

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Not real Lag?

Hai Community,

got a problem these days, many, many curvers call me a cheater, hacker, lagger and so on. They mock me out of games etc. Everytime I want to play a normal gspeed game, they tell me I lagg as hell and teleport and so on.


But on my screen nooone lags, and the game is running smooth for me, i tried everything in the FAQ Lag. But they still tell me that I'm lagging.


One can say, I can ignore these flamer, but I want a fair play game + I'm actually hurt when someone tells me I'm a "whore".


Pls help me D:!

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Same problem here. I personally believe that it's because I have a very bad internet with other people also using it (not school fyi, that doesnt even work), but I live very close to where the USA server is located, so I don't lag. I lag hard in EU, though.

But not the case has changed, I run great in Asia and EU, im not sure why, and I am still seen as a very laggy person. I'm not sure why this happens.