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NO-rank games

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NO-rank games

What about no-ranked games, where you can not loose any rank? Or sth like practice room, where you can just fool around and play as risky as you want.

It is possible to play without rank now if you play as guest, but if you are guest you usually play with quite big noobs (good players don't want you). And with no-ranked games you could play with good players without playing defensive being affraid that you would loose rank. Those would've been really funny matches xD


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I agree and i think geert already thought about this, since it's very obviously.

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I think we already have the un-ranked rooms that only change very little to your rank score.
Having an option to create a room that is fully unranked takes a bit of the excitement and tension away, it's like playing poker without any bets.

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ou should make the possibility to ad bots like the ones in the first game's singel player, sometimes they can be really challenging.

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