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"Next round starts in 15 (extended by ------)"

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"Next round starts in 15 (extended by ------)"

At the end of every round there is "Next round starts in 5". What do you think about an 10 second pause button for premiums.

Once every game a premium is allowed to extend this timer to "Next round starts in 15 (extended by Arsy)".

A premium may only do this once every match, it's a button you can check & uncheck.

​When u curve 15-20 minutes in a row, you sometimes need to do something important, for example when I notice my cat digging in my clothes, I always make sure I die early, than rush downstairs and open a door for him, than sprint back to my room, and find my snake crashing into the wall right before I put my fingers on my keyboard.

​It can't be a burden on the other players, worst case scenerio, when everyone in the room is premium, and when everyone uses their pause button at a seperate round, everyone has to wait 70 secs till next round begins in total. It's also an extra feature for premium's which means more moulah to u admin.

​We can always give it a trial for one month, after that we can make a poll, deciding wether remove this option, or wether to increase the extra time to 15, 20 seconds, whatever.

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As the devs don't work on CurveFever 2 anymore, there would be a lot of more important stuff to do than this one.

This feature could be easily abused, e.g. if you have an opponent  who says "gtg soon" or "have to go in 2 min" or ... and everybody of your team is premium, then this can be important seconds to get an unfair game.

It happens soo often that somebody needs to pee, go to take a phone call, open the door, ...and this also takes 1-2 rounds everytime(and sometimes more) so this 5 seconds won't help. It simply happens that you have to go afk for a few rounds, but it also happens to your opponents. So you'll get those points back at 1vs1/FFA or get (hopefully) fairplay at teamgames.



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Hello Arsy,

First of all, thank you for taking your time to leave us a suggestion.

However, I don't think this would be very good idea according to me. If you have something important to do, the best thing is waiting for another game: 15 seconds instead of 5 seconds will not make a significant difference in that sense. The main goal of 5 seconds timing is gaining time for people who want play. When you enter in a game, the majority of the players just want to play as fast as possible and do not want to wait.

I get your point when you have to do a little thing that doesn't take a lot of time, but these players represent a very small part.

Best regards