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New timer graphics

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New timer graphics

Today there's been an update where the timers from powerups around a player's head has had its graphics changed slightly. It used to begin in front of you and then rotate like a clock around your head. It's now been adjusted so that the timer is symmetrical and starts at the front and then ends at back.

Although I appreciate that some may think this looks nicer, I would like to suggest to allow the player to choose how this looks in some options/game settings somewhere. (In fact, I'd prefer it if it was reverted, but I understand that some might like it this way.)

The reasons why I personally don't like it are:

1. I'm used to the old look. (for me it's quite disconcerting to see that there apparently is no timer when I have a thin when the timer is about to run out)

2. If you happen to be pink, red, lime or cyan, then it can be quite hard to see when the timer ends for the respective red, green or blue power ups, since it ends behind your head now.

3. With the old look, the timer ended in front of your head which is probably where you want to be looking. Now it ends behind you which can be slightly distracting.

4. Now that both sides of the timer move to countdown, it can be slightly harder to estimate when the timer will end.


EDIT: In fact, playing more with this, I can confirm that its quite hard to see not only the above mentioned colours, but most colours too as they are bright, and the timer colours are quite light. It was much better with the black contrast as in the past.


than god for that, i thought it was a bug haha, and yeah i don't like it. It looks weird and the old one is waaaaaayyyy better.


thank god for that, i thought it was a bug haha, and yeah i don't like it. It looks weird and the old one is waaaaaayyyy better.


Yes, please remove it, it's unplayable now!

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This change should not have been made. It feels very awkward, unplayable even. Small change that creates more problems than it solves. 

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Remove it please, unplayable

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I don't know if it's related to the timer, but the curve feels like it has a delay.. Maybe an illusion, but it's unplayable.

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An option to change it back would be nice, yeah. It does look more slick but it can indeed be more hard to see.

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