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New Ideas

Hello everyone,

The first idea that I have is to add the command /kick for any player that host a room. Yeah there is a button for that, but when there are too many spectators is not easy or kinda impossible to kick that rude or unwanted spectator if their names don't appear at the beginning of the list. Also, I see quiet useful that the host be allowed to use the command /kick during an ongoing game, and of course, in this case only spectators would be kicked by the host. The reason is due to the events of the previous days with those spectators that were spamming only to make the players lag and hard to play and because the command /mute were useless for that, even if the bug is fixed by now I don't see any difference to add or not this command and let the host kick during any game unwanted spectators. But this would allow us to play games in peace.


The second idea, perhaps long-term, is add more items to the shop, what I want to say is not to make new items but for example: I buy special-thin (S-Fat or S-speed, etc) when these items appear in the field with the color of the player or a small sign that it belongs to a specific player, only this player can take it and use it, of course others players can take it but only to make it dissapear but without any effect. Maybe is a good idea to bring a little bit of luck and also another way to spend the coins to the game. Or maybe just the same color as the regular items but leave the uncertainty of whether the item you will get may be real or not, what I mean is probably the "thin" won't work because that specific thin was for a specific players. Probably there will be people that dont like this kind of luck so like the custom mode games you can disable those items you dont want.

Anyway I think the first idea is a priority and not very difficult to implement since it is just a host with the role of moderator in your own room.

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I'm not sure about the second idea but this first idea you have I agree with it and I think it would save a lot of time and make it easier for the host. :)

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The 1st suggestion: Agreed.

The 2nd suggestion: I think its too game changing for it to be implemented. In a way, with it around, money or credits will win you games, which shouldn't be what games like these are about, since you can pay to improve your chances of winning.

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Master Shuriken on 25 November, 2014 - 22:52

OMG!!! It's Over 9000!!! (ms lag)

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i rly like 1st idea... there should be also button and command for ban, so banned player will not join again your room (only current room ofc)

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seems legit, i say they should do this.

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1) /kick + username : sometimes, users have a very long name or have special caracters, so it becomes very hard to type the name. I guess it would be better to be able to click on the specator username, (with a scrollbar if there are many spectators) and click on "kick", like you can do before the game has started

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I think the game has enough items and options ingame, lots of different combinations and game possibilities already. But I do agree that spectators should be able to be kicked by the host during the game, I made a post about it a few months ago and I know there have been others who suggested this as well. I think the best way to make the game better is to do things like letting hosts kick spectators during a game, or putting the friend search bar on the top of the list (it is very tedious going all the way to the bottom when you have hundreds of friends). Optimizing the game in these small but helpful ways would be better than crowding the game with new items. Also, some of the optimizations would reduce stress for all those ragekids in the game. 

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The second idea would make these items competitive advantages, I don't think it's a good idea. I do agree with the first one.

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