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New design - serious?

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New design - serious?

Ok i have few complains about new design, not about the look but about functionality:

 - When someone is in the room, and he presses ready, you can not see his rank anymore. Which sux hard when you want to kick lowest player.
 - You can not see clearly who is ready and who is not. Before the design it was great.

- And i really don't like the design (visual part) :) - but that's only me i guess

Still, i really like that you can see ranks in the waiting line.

My suggestion is, that you stay with old design, and then somehow implement this that ranks can be visible in the room lobby. Really, why do you need to change design all the time? And if you would be only improving designs it would be cool, but i have a feeling that with each design update you want to invent new design with new features, but every new desing comes with new set of bugs and new set of negative sides. I think just fixing negative sides from old designs would better than coming with new design every month.

So this was my feedback, i don't know what other peole thinks. Nothing personal btw :)

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Hi G_Master

I have expected complaints about the ready button. In the current design, I had not yet thought of a way to implement players showing 'ready' yet.
It has been my mistake that I had overseen this. This caused me to hastly design in a way to still show it, this is why I replaced the rank with it (we had to push an update yesterday night).
It is the bigger concern with most players

With the next update, you will appreciate the value of the new design. Some of the advantages:

- The new, and bigger, playerboxes, allow for showing of more information. This is essentially a preperation for the future where we will have more information stored about each player (not just wins/losses).
- Not all information about status (premium/unlimited), colour and team are cramped together in an icon the size of a pea anymore.
- It is much clearer to what team you belong
- You can set yourself as an observer, and they show ranking due to an enlarged player bar
- Observers can be kicked
- Ranks/guests are now always shown

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First of all, i really like the look of the new design!!!!

But G is absolutely right... invisible ranks are a huge pain in the ass if u want to control the average rank!

Overall this is the only thing i REALLY (REALLY!) dont like...
apart from that only the different size of the boxes is irritating, because u got a bad overview as a host
(maybe u did that cause of the different lenght of names.... if so, i think its unnecessary)

All in all THUMBS UP for the new design!!


Goodjob, lets hope next update this will be solved

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it was good that you could see the ranks over eachother.