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Need MORE Players

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Need MORE Players

Hello people...

I need more players for the unofficial(Speedy Sunday) tournament that Faded' and I are hosting.It was planned for this Sunday(Oct 29th), but we're short 27 players for the event. I have asked some mods to help advertise it but nothing is changing.  [Lol]  Anyone wishing to participate should let me know via any means(Or by commenting below). If the required amount of players(32) is not achieved by Sunday then the event might be moved to a week later or it might get cancelled. A lot of people ask what's the big deal about it....or that they dont play ''unofficial'' tournaments, but its more like a regualar ffa game on cf than a tournament and it is just for FUN. There are a few requirements for this event(See ''Events organized by players'' topic). Here is the schedule for the tournament