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Name and shame: Konstey and superstar.

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Name and shame: Konstey and superstar.

Just now I finished playing a game against 2 players named Konstey and superstar.. Because my team-mate was inactive, I had to play 2v1 several rounds even after asking for fair many times.

1 of the players superstar stated (after a couple of unfair rounds) "if you have told us [we would have faired]". Which I did but that's completely besides the point. I don't need to ask for fair. They should KNOW to fair. Maybe it's not in the rules, but playing fairly is important. 

One of the reasons why is, if it were either Konstey or superstar who had to play by themselves, I'm pretty sure they'd demand for fair and rage too. But because it was to their advantage, they saw nothing wrong with it. And this is completely wrong because it just shows how selfish they are being and that they don't seem to care about others but just themselves.

So I decided to confront them. I couldn't find superstar guy, but I did find Konstey. I simply asked him to give me my 10 points back. He thought that was a crazy idea. And why should it be? Since he played unfair, he doesn't deserve those 10 points. He certainly did not deserve to win.

Maybe this is an over-the-top topic but I just wanted to highlight the importance of fairing. You might think there's nothing wrong with it because you have all your players, but it certainly isn't enjoyable for the other team. What I find amusing is how the same players who don't fair, are the same ones who demand for fair when their team-mate is missing.

Anyway, players like Konstey and superstar. should be shamed. If you see them in-game, make sure to link them this post and tell them again how low they are that they don't fair for some rounds.

F l u s s: you should fair anyway
superstar.: no Konstey: lets finish


Fate brought me closer to Konstey and superstar haha...who would have thought?!

Unfortunately, one of our team-mates went afk :/

He asked for fair hahaha

and we lost 7-10 because of it

hope he learned his lesson


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Konstey: play fair or leave



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This situation happens very often nowadays. If I remember the times when I started playing CurveFever2, this wouldn't have been possible like this. If people havn't done fairplay, they were flamed and kicked from several rooms. In general cheaters and people with bad behaviour were a minority and got flamed a lot, which made it almost impossible for them to find a higher room. Now there are way to many people with bad behaviour. If you play together with random players, there is maybe one out of 10-15 games where nobody is insulting, teaming or cheating at any way.

Basically there is no rule that you have to do fairplay and theoretically everybody has the same chance that a teammate/opponent is leaving the room, but it is most of the time the best to do fairplay. I'm also one of the players who does fairplay(when I notice inactive/missing player at opponent team) most of the time, but there are also exceptions. As example I usually don't fair, if the opponents flamed their teammate away or showed bad behaviour in general. Also nowadays I see it very often that people flame because of losing some rounds and then just ragequit, because they don't care about the team and the rank(almost every 4vs4 teamroom contains 2 or more 2nds and those people who ragequit almost never care about anything). This situation is sometimes very critical, as you don't really have the feeling that fairplay is justified for actions like this.

Last critical situation is the rankdifference. If you have 2 even teams cointaining players of different skill and ranklevels, fairplay sometimes tends to create an even more unfair situation. As example each team with one completly new player and 2 older ones. At the first round the new account at my team left the room and never came back and the new account at the other team didn't knew about fairplay/read the chat. So it started to be a situation where koena(champ and 1,5k+ teamrank skilled) or Sun Ra(1600) did fairplay for a 700 at my team. After a few rounds I also told them that they don't have to, as this doesn't fit(and also bad as you join the game to have some fun and not instant die 50% of the game).

So yeah, I totally agree that situations like this destroy the gameplay and the fun and that everybody should do fairplay, but there are also exceptions for fairplay, which also explains that there can't be a general rule for it, as you simply can't punish the opponents for your teammate.



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Just a game. Don't take it too serious and focus more on life not to online snake game...

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hahahah jaan its funny that you are the guy who says that

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