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Mylifeispotato wins the first official tournament of December!

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Mylifeispotato wins the first official tournament of December!


I want to apologise for creating this thread now when I could have created it earlier, I was busy and now I have time for that. 

We had a Big Turn FFA tournament last Saturday which was won by Mylifeispotato! Second place goes to Dark Rage, third place to CarnageFX, fourth place to me, fifth place to Iselder, 6th and 7th place was shared by Demure and Run. and 8th place goes to BLAcKYeLLoW! The final was very close and winner was not known until the last round!

Final can be seen from this video:

Special thanks to Freakout for recording it!

See you in next events!


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oh i missed it. i like big turn i would have won this


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strong performance by potato and a very close, fun tournament. I enjoyed that alot. Congratz