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My ping

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My ping

Hello there

So Here is my problem:

Since few days for a reason that i totally ignore my ping has risen consistenly.

I always played Curve fever with an ethernet cable, before my ping was stable to 50 ms so others didn't see me lagging.

So today my ping is between 80 and 150 always. So imagine the tragedy for a player who normally has a good conection and of course i have a good ADSL. I put the price every months for not having that kind of troubles.
The reason also for this content is that a good player that i appreciate said that i'm using a cheat engine.

LET'S BE CLEAR , i never used this kind of cheat and i will never use it. i'm completely in the respect of the game and i don't need this for win. I can win by myself lul.

Some suggestions to help me please?

i don't wanna be banned for nothing




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'Lag abusers' in Curve fever ≃ reaction channels on youtube.

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Open command window and run "tracert". You will see where your ping increases.

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Hey Naked.,

Seems like a problem indeed! Send us a support email or contact me on Discord and we will look into it. We just gotta know what you already tried and what you are using :)


Discord: @Averazon2010