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My Opinion about Curve Fever 3(not really all I wanted to say but bad english)

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My Opinion about Curve Fever 3(not really all I wanted to say but bad english)

I know it's "reheating a chop" but yeah Curve Fever 3 aka Curve was supposed to be just a better cf 2 with better graphic servers and just a refresh adventure...but in Curve Fever 3 mainly play new players, not old and pro veterans which keep playing "cf 2"...Why? Because

1.Bad game realease:

-No friend lists,

-No sound,

and much more, just nothing basic

2.Various game modes since start:

-Arena, Knouckout were supposed to be an interesting fun game modes( in the case of the arena-good way to gain coins/diamonds) but not ranked games...

-Tournaments since beggining when the game is not complete... and players had only two months to learn the game,

yeah these game modes should be implemented over time.

3. Game is just ultacasual, yes u all can complain about it, like passable walls all the time, like different curves, but yeah let's talk about these curves are ultra unbalanced, holes at regular intervals...are not really nice idea:

-new players has no chance vs "veterans"

-only rocket and snail are quite good to rely mostly on their some skills,

-our snake make holes every I don't know I guess 2 second(?) make camping impossible

-camping was a big part of curve fever 2 gameplay

4. No teamgames, no friendlist, better implement knockout and ranked games! ;-; (We can't see vs who are We playing, like diamond players should have diamond frame of something...being champion, moderator is not really special anymore(also in curve fever 2) and Diamonds should play only vs diamonds and better Biggrin (you've done matchmaking in cf 2 why don't you do it again for rankeds and normal games, I don't want to play arena's all the time Smile but its the only way to have "fun" and play "competitive" in cf 3... )

That's all I think I am not really good at english but I really want to say what make me crying about Curve Fever Games and it's community :/

For  Me it's BigFailCurve 3. Please make Curve Fever 3 Ateri :( 

PS: Beta Tests were a joke and yes I played Curve Fever 3 recently Blum 3

Full game is actually a real BetaTest! wow! 

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Volpex, Curve Fever was not made just for you.


 Curve Fever 3 aka Curve was supposed to be just a better cf 2 with better graphic servers and just a refresh adventure

This is not your decision to make. Curve Fever is a business which Geert runs and he decides what the game's future will be based on his vision. It was said right from the very first mention of CF3 that it would NOT be a remake of CF2. 

Also, the developers need to be paid. Money doesn't grow on trees so the release of CF3 was (most likely) the only way to sustain things. The friend list is coming. Have a little god damn patience lol.


 Arena, Knouckout were supposed to be an interesting fun game modes( in the case of the arena-good way to gain coins/diamonds) but not ranked games...

Again, this was not your decision to make and it was never said that it would unranked. It was always going to be ranked arena games. It is near impossible to cheat in arena games on CF3. Not being able to choose your opponents means you have to play against everyone (not just your friends) and show true skill to earn rank.

We get it already. You don't like CF3. There are plenty of people who do. Stop bashing it with flawed arguments as if it was made especially for you. Telling another person to develop a game for you just because you don't like the current one. Seriously, the cheek of you...


Rant over. Seriously dude.

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patience? it worst premiere ever like srsly no sound in the fcking game????? And for many people its important because cf 2 is goind to be shuted down)probably...

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1.What do you mean no sound?

Look in the right corner and there's music, sound for items and curve radio!

2. No friendlist? Well, do you think Curve Fever 2 was released flawless? :D Everything takes its time!

3. Tournaments since the beginning? We actually waited some time before releasing the first tournament. But people requested this alot and why not let the community have fun? That's competition all after all!

4. New players have no chance vs veterans? Well how do you think it is for new players in Curve Fever 2? We all have to start somewhere :)

5. Curves make holes every 2nd second? Well now you can actually time your jumps, which is very cool! Its not luck anymore, but can be really skill based. Camping is possible if you learn the strategies! Example: Look this final:

6. Only snail and rocket are good? Well, I might agree with you a bit on this one. Those curves are indeed the best ones to use! (for most). But to get to afford the best curves, you also have to be consistent by ending in the top of most of your games! Extra motivation right there!

And for the rest of your topic: Things takes its time! The devs are doing an amazing job and they cant finish everything just like that, even though I'm sure they want to. You have to be patience. Try to be positive as well, this game is getting more potential every day and the devs are working hard for it to be a game everyone will consider cool! :)

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I'm by far not a fan of CurveFever3 and atm just barely play CurveFever2, but some things are said way too extrem. As forum mod I learned a lot about CurveFever2 and I can tell you, that CurveFever2 has started without teammode :O  :O  :O  and I guess after the release of CurveFever3 it won't take as long to release the teammode as it was for CurveFever2. Also if you got some informations about the time ~3 years ago, it was only possible to add 5(!!!) players too your friendlist for non-premiums. Thats almost nothing, just your best friends and maybe one free space to switch and not like it is now: the whole clan, several premiums, some other friends, several people of your country and some other randoms you know. When CurveFever2 started and at the early years it was just a little piece of what it has become over the time(like many other games). I guess it will be the same for CurveFever3. If you see the effort(several new features, news about updates, fast reactions, ...) they put into CurveFever3(and which I missed for longer time at CurveFever2, even before CurveFever3 was planned), you should just learn to wait for better stuff. They implement a lot and work hard at CurveFever3 and this movement is clear noticable.

I'm one of those players who will leave the community when CurveFever2 is down, but I have to say I'm very surprised about the movement and the evolution of CurveFever3 after it got released and bugs and issues will be fixed over time and important content will be added soon. I think it won't get stuck for year as it happened more or less with CurveFever2.



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Bronskey wrote:

Have a little god damn patience lol.



my guide for improving cf performance  2.0

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I meant that sounds was added after arenas and teammode is probably more needed than fcking arenas and stupid curves: P

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eh just waste of time u never played other games and has no comparison... Smile

Clan: SKT


i have no problem if cf 2 wont be closed after december, then i am gonna buy premium for cf 2 and play it serious :D 


What do you think about this is all up to you,try to be yourself and to be different.


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