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My opinion.

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My opinion.

Clan wars inside the game would be great.I have started loving the game all over again once i found out about the clan website. Also in my opinion there should be a way to win premium without having to buy it first.Please focus on what the people need.People that have played this game for a longer period of time.Also a app on android would be amazing.
Another request is that you make a single game mode. Some place people could warm up and is offline so they don't lag. Maybe make it that you can use all items and all colors (or just items).I f.ex. would like to train corrner.
A cooll idea would be too add some customizable platforms. Like instead of the square make a circle or shapes people could personally customize.Maybe even a maze? Can you imagne what potential this game has? Custom maps and colors that would really be something.

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Yeah. Clan wars implemented in game would bring alot more clan wars and also clans would be more serious. That could bring new players and also new players would stay with game for longer.

Also you should make standalone version, rewrite game on C++ so everyone can play without lags. I bet, if you make standalone version and you do some advertising about game, then game will have even 10-20 times more players. You can even sell game in shops, which would cost 10€ and has one year premium. Game in shops always brings new players. On standalone version you could add an option which would let players earn coins for watching an ad (everyone would be happy). That is what you should focus on. If you don't make standalone version, i will do it first and become rich :P

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Nawl on 28 November, 2014 - 02:17

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Yeah,they should think big instead of just making 2 new colors and tombstones xD
This game has much potential. There should definetly be a new gamemode for new players because the current one isnt as fun.All you need to do is camp to win most of the time. It's all right with me but what if that's a reason some get bored. Maybe make a gamemode x2 speed or something new. Man I have so much idea's they are just bursting out xd

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Oh dont worry about that, we do have some bigger things in mind!

However as we are such a small team, it is not easy to create new features quickly. The icon dropping was added because it would give some more meaning to having icons, and not take much time to implement. (and give me a good chance to get a little more using to the game's code) Colors are also easy to add, so we do these in between some features.

We are working on designing some bigger changes, but things take time.

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Ok good to know. I understand that these things take time.If there were more people working in your team things would go faster. That's why curvefever2 needs some way to get more players = more people playing = more people buying premium = more money for Geert = he can hire more employee's = game development goes faster > and on and on.