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My lags? your lags? Let's have a look

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My lags? your lags? Let's have a look

Hey Everyone and more particulary Rawi,

Here is a video of what I see when I play:

I have recorded toggle stats too rawi.

Just tell me people, do you see the same? It is pissing me off more and more.

I want to know if you guys experiment the same things.


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Very interesting stuff. I will give you a detailed response what I think about it tomorrow.

If u got the chance please record another video just like this one maybe a bit longer.
And also please describe the kinda of issues you had during the recordings. Like slow turn reaction, fps drops or lag spikes and so on.

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If you are talking about other people lagging, and slow connections, that is all internet related. All you can do about that is make sure you are on a wired connection and reset your router a few hours before you play. Your toggle stats look very good other than your frames dropping to chit when the game ended.

If you are talking about lagging mechanically, there are 4 things you can compare to other people

CPU usage

Amount of disk space

What browser you are using

What version of flash you are using

Averazon † † (not verified)


Thank you for reaching out to us!

We would need more information to what causes the lag. You can find all information and tips on how to get a better connection towards the game in this topic.

Hoping this helps you out! Feel free to post extra information so we can look into it.

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Geert on 26 January, 2019 - 10:14
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I recommend reading into the topic Averazon linked above me.

Here a screencap from second 37 from your video. Even if the game just started, the graph still shows the ping history of the duration you were still in the room lobby.

Everything looking very normal with an average ping of 44-47ms (a decent ping) and it looks stable as well. In the green circles few ping jumps where the green (CF server) and red (a different server) dot are higher up, meaning ur connection had a spike but they can be ignored just like the orange circled ping spikes of the green dot because they are very few and isolated.

But all of the this changes once the game started and the lines draw on the field.
Here the graph of right after the first one:

Above we can see constant lag spikes up to 107ms of only the green cf server dots and not a single jump or the red reference server dots.

Those lag spikes immediately stop at 01:14 when you (blue) dies. So I wouldn't say it normalized but I still wonder if it started right after the next round started hence me asking for additonal video footage. Because I didn't really experience those lag spikes this way myself. Usually when I lag myself I can always see the green and red dots rising meaning it's just my connection which struggles.


Either it's just the CF servers struggling and being bad,
or it's the way your internet provider routes the connection from your router to the CF2 servers.

I would be able to exclude the 2nd option if I knew the location of the reference server. So if it's close to the game servers it would be definitely the first option of the CF2 server not being able to keep up.

Either way there is unfortunately barely anything you can do about this. Such a unstable ping really sucks.

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Thanks both of you: Nitro, Averazon and Rawi! Really helpful!

Rawi thanks for this analysis! I will try to record another video but yesterday I was not lagging that much so I could not.

I am not sure to have understood well but is the red server related to cf server? And in that case (given the fact that red ping seems more stable), would it be possible to connect on red server instead of cf server? Idk, maybe I understood it really bad.

"Such a unstable ping really sucks" -> yes that sucks so hard and it is just a random factor who limit the progress of skills on this game, really.

Nitro, thanks for the tips: I will try your tip about restarting router few hours before playing, that could give something Idk.

And my parameters:

CPU usage -> quite normal i think, I need to check again but I have beast pc, I do not think that could be the problem.

Amount of disk space -> more than 60Gb available on SSD

What browser you are using -> Standalone, Flash projector

What version of flash you are using -> depends, sometimes 13, 21 or 27

Thanks again to all of you,



Interesting - this is what cf2 normally looks like for me. Otherwise I'd try to learn how to play speed.

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My cf normally looks laggier xD when i was playing today on my pc, the fps lags were so big I barely could steer, and I was camping like 900 (ppl tell me this a lot when I camp with lags). My pc is bad so I moved to the much better one, and ye it was better but still with freezes. Honestly I dont know how ppl play without lags. Lags seem to be random, yesterday I played thin team with 8 players on my bad pc, and it was smooth, so xD 

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same - I didnt even get the point of the video. No less lags for me than at this video, and I always felt like I was confortable. I don't have any slows tho, but the line feels laggy most of the time and other people are just having those slight teleports like in your video. Having 150k internet and a very decent PC.

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When i have so little lags like this im a beast at speed 8)


Idk about you guys but that looks smooth to me x)


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Hey guys,

Today my game is litereally unplayable. Like every 10 seconds i get random slows but my line is smooth. 

My toggle stats: (I can't explain myself what these red and green lines mean, but i guess it cant be good)

I got decent fps and ms stats and my net is stable enough to host netflix, youtube and dazn at the same time and in HD but it's going wild as soon as i open curve .. But also not always, in the evening I don't notice so many slows. Just once or twice in a game. 

speed test from today, 15:15