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Mr. Sinister/Death-Note boosting

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Mr. Sinister/Death-Note boosting

Death-Note is boosting with Mr. Sinister/Bloodred.

Bloodred is 2k and played with Death-Note. Then Bloodred switched to Mr. Sinister and played with a lower account, which ruined the experience for lower ranked players. Check the IP and the owner of the accounts.

Involved accounts:

Games boosted:

ffa eu top 6.1%
team eu top 21%
Clan: DNVD

Dear Detectivexx1,

thank you for your report.
The effect here is indeed higher than in this report: as the highest rank is less than it would be. Anyway the difference and the rank gain between these two accounts are quite small, so a warning is the appropriate judgement in this case.

Kind regards

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