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More than 1 Account

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More than 1 Account

Hello, I have played curve fever for like 3 years, I had an account that had premium, and other stuff on it. I forgot for 2 years curve fever existed but. I do NOT know if something happened to my account, here are some more stuff that I know. I had more points, More Achievements.

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So, where is the problem? Can't you access the account, did it got deleted, did something changed, ...? + if something happened, name of the account and what happened?

If you stop playing, nothing special happens. The amount of coins, the items, the colours, the gamestats(amount of games played, win%, ...) and the settings(controlkeys, prefered colour, ...) stay the same.

Only thing that changes is the premium(runs out, if you don't have lifetime premium) and the rank(in case of 1,2k+ ranks, weekly reduce untill they are 1200; exception: about 2 years ago there was a teamrankreset = 700 rank, but with "first 10 games bonus").

No matter how long you are inactive, the things mentioned above won't change and it's not possible for another user to delete your account or create another account with that name.



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Hey 222kuba,

It is mostly what NOWODNY2 described in the previous post. Unless you deleted the account, it should still be there. The premium will have expired and your rank will be reduced. If you forgot how to access your account, feel to contact the support service at or at (website)

Happy curving c:

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