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Monday dev blog

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Monday dev blog

Updating servers in a few minutes for the new patch [v0.1.8]

  • NEW Chat channels and chat ticker to display chat messages even when the chat is closed.
  • NEW General chat channel where you can chat with everyone, everywhere!
  • NEW Queue chat channel where you can chat with other players in the arena queue and see how many others are in the queue.
  • NEW You now get gems by playing arena games.
  • NEW Purchase buttons show the gem cost if you don't have enough coins.
  • Fixed a bug with referrals where the reward wasn't actually rewarded. (Previous referrals will still be rewarded!)
  • Fix moderation commands like mute and such
  • Fix commands not working with guest accounts
  • Lobby sorting for custom games is improved. Your last room is shown on the top and password protected rooms are grouped together.
  • Scoreboard on the side now shows shared positions