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Moderators and their roles in the game.

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Moderators and their roles in the game.

Moderators are volunteers

As Curve Fever is still a relatively small game compared to games like League of Legends, Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto, Curve Fever simply does not have the luxury to pay every single moderator.
As most moderators don't get paid for their contribution to the game, there isn't any kind of contract, thus trust is a big factor.
Not having any personal information about the other person while giving him/her certain privileges, is not good advice to run any kind of business.
As trust is a big factor, there needs to be a stable relationship with the person before hiring who others may refer to as 'their friends'.

Internal vacancies

Using internal vancancies is a good employment for 'hiring' volunteers. Get in our trust-zone and your chances of joining the staff will increase.

Decisions and mistakes

With every decision, there's a possibility of a mistake. When such a mistake is made, we do our best to correct it.

Role of the Moderator Manager

Find our trust and we're likely to give it back.

Educating our players

When players misbehave in any way such as in cheating, DDoS'ing, insulting or disrespecting others, we are obliged to take actions.
You are expected to chat in a way that would be appropriate in a public, face-to-face conversation. It is strictly prohibited to use chat for any malicious or offensive behaviour, including but not limited to collusion, fraud, spam, and/or harrassment. Abusive, foul, racist, threatening or otherwise inappropriate chat will not be tolerated.

Our first and formal goal by taking actions is to educate our players about their behaviour and protecting our community from users with inappropriate behaviour. 

Warnings, bans, IP ban

As we take actions, our main focus is educating the players and protecting our community from users with inappropriate behaviour. 
After multiple warnings and bans, a possibility of 'crossing the limits' arises. If this occasion occurs, Curve Fever holds the right to take very severe actions. IP banning is applied if and only if we feel it's the best solution.
There is no need for us to justify such decisions on a public forum, as they are already heavily discussed and agreed upon internally. As moderators we have access to exclusive tools and information, that we base our decisions on.
When we apply a warning, ban or IP ban, the user in case is informed through e-mail.
If a third party has questions about a specific decision towards a specific player, they need to ask the player in case. He/she will then decide if he/she wants to share the case with you. Curve Fever withdraws itself from sharing case details to protect their players in hope they will modify their behaviour once they return.
If a third party has an objection or complaints about a specific decision towards a specific player, they have to contact us by e-mail. A clear explanation is needed for a case review, else the ticket will be closed without response. Our forum is not a place to discuss such decisions and a frequent occurance of the violation of this rule can result in multiple punishments.

Final note

Curve Fever and its staff works on a daily basis on improving and maintaining your beloved browser game, remember it for always.
We are not here to fool or trick you, we are here for you.


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