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Min Rank Glitch and Achievements

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Min Rank Glitch and Achievements

Hey, I have two questions:

1. Is there a glitch while setting the min rank for your premium game? I type in 1100 or 1000/... and after saving the game puts it to 925. I already got this today earlier, there was always something like +7xx that was made out of my numbers.

2. There are three achievements missing for me. One is the globetrotter thing where I guess that it is not possible to get because it was never really implemented? The other two which are missing are "The Avenger" and "Cooling down". I would have gotten both like hundred times but on this site it states that they are no longer possible to get. Is there any reason why and why won't it be fixed? For example "Cooling down" has an opposite achievement which seems to be still able to get, so I don't understand why I can't get it.


Thx for answers

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1. Is it possible that you played unranked Teams? Because there is a rank for unranked games that isn't shown and if you set a rank limit that is higher than your unranked rank, it automatically sets it to your unranked rank, which is prob 900 or so.


2. All 3 Achievements that you think are unavailable atm atleast to my knowlege.


Hope i could help Biggrin

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also, sometimes when you are swapping from team mode to ffa mode or vice versa, even though you set the rank, it sets it to your opposite game mode rank

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Thx for the answers.

What I don't get is why these achievements are not obtainable, I already know that they aren't. It makes sense with the Globetrotter achievement because it was never available. But why the other two because they were. Doesn't make sense to me especially when you consider the fact that the Cooling Down achievement has a counterpart which is still obtainable.

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This was connected with some update. After the Update, those 2 powerups weren't available anymore and this got never fixed, as the achievements have no special meaning(except the 5 golden ones, which are all still working).



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Alright, then thx for the last answer. It was nothing important but it kind of bothers me that they are missing for me even though there is no other meaning behind them. And sorry for the double post, Idk why it made two. If its possible then please delete on, I didn't find a delete or report function.

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I got your back Arcryoshi! ;)


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