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Merry Christmas for CurveFever organizers team!!

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Merry Christmas for CurveFever organizers team!!

Merry Christmas for all of you! Especially for Meechy Darko, who felt sleep when recording our team's camp in Double Camp Competition, after around ten minutes of recording.

It was my fault too, because I joined to CF almost an hour later than I promised, after a midnight. Then me and Jaan have some minutes to warm up, and later we started to camp. After our first successive camp Darko announced the time (3:12), and after some more tries we have lost a signal from him :'/ . We were waiting more than 60 mins, but still no signal. Finally, today morning Jaan informed me that Darko had recorded 4,5h Biggrin

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ye netflix got me last night.. the picture describes it rlly good haha soz


Merry xmas to everyone <3

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Meechy Darko on 24 December, 2017 - 15:37