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Meet the team

From left to right: zeroZshadow – Martini – Geert – Nickabilla – ThiefZero

Today there will be no blog about gameplay, mechanics or teasers. Today I want to introduce you to the team that will bring you Curve Fever 3. Because when the team is great, the game must also be great!

We want to bring you a whole new Curve Fever experience that will give more diversity in gameplay and can captivate players for longer. And we want to do so in March! That is very soon, therefore we need a great team to meet our ambitious goals.

We invested in 2 new programmers: Nick – also known as Nickabilla - and Jimmy – also known as - ThiefZero. Now our team consists of 5 people working in the office and 1 freelancer.

The programmers

zeroZshadow is the experienced programmer. He knows everything about Curve Fever 2 and is using his knowledge to make a brand new backend-server-client infrastructure. This means that servers will be closer to the players and more stable, resulting in better pings. Furthermore he will work on the networking part between the server and the client.

ThiefZero ensures that the game has the correct programming structure and that the different parts work well together. He also works with Martini on the game design.

Nickabilla is making sure that the programming and visual parts are combined well together. You might describe him as the user experience programmer. Besides that, he is our Scrum master. All hail the scrum master! Nickabilla is also one of the creators of “Check in, Knock out!”. So go and check it out when it is available.

The game designer

Martini is our game design expert. You may already know him from the forums and from the Poznan Game Arena, Indigo or other events we have been to. He loves to hear what you would like to change about the game and what you would like to keep, so you can always hit him up on the Curve Fever chat.

The artist

soukyc23, also known as Pavel, is from the Czech Republic. He doesn’t work at our office but he is very important in bringing you a great art style in Curve Fever 3. Whenever Pavel sends us art we go totally bananas in the office. I can’t wait to show you some of the cool art that he made.


Geert - that is me! Although I originally made this game, I am stepping back a bit and focusing more on marketing. One of the cool things that we will do is an “Ask me Anything” session on Twitch. Here you will get the opportunity to ask us any questions you have about our new game. The “Ask me Anything” is this coming Wednesday between 19:00 and 20:00 Amsterdam time, so put it in your agenda! I also hope to arrange more events so we can show you our prototypes and early builds.

In 2 weeks I promise to show a piece of our new game. With this team we think we have a group of winners. As you can see in the picture below. As you can see, we are WINNERS!

Clan: SKT

what is escape room? Trailer in 2 weeks ?:d

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Escape room is a group activity. You get locked in a room filled with odd puzzles for an hour, and you have to solve all the puzzles to get the key to the door, before the time runs out.

zeroZshadow's profile on curvefever

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Jesus Christ almighty I need to start learning all the programming languages I can! Hmmm.....should I start with Adobe, HTML, JavaScript, C, C++, or Python? (I wanna learn Python. I heard it's the most advanced, but easiest to use once you get the hang of it. Plus it's gt a cool name.) ._.

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