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Make CF2 Open-Source

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Make CF2 Open-Source

It’s no secret that Curve Fever 2 hasn’t been on the top of Hidden Monster Games‘ priority list for a while. It is reflected by CF2’s static position, whereas CF PRO is constantly updated. I’m not writing this post to argue with the decision makers, but to suggest allowing the CF2 society, some day, to be responsible for maintaining and improving CF2.

Currently, the game is kept alive solely by the members of the community. Competitive games are still being played, and people still have fun in a battle of accuracy, strategy, tactics and luck. But it won’t last for long because without changes, many will get bored and frustrated, and the game will eventually be abandoned.

From my experience, our community consists of mature, smart, and talented people who are able to cooperate (i.e. building a camp together :P), and I’m sure that some will contribute to the production of CF2 if the developers give them a chance. I know the majority of us don’t have experience in developing games, but we will make up for it with passion and motivation to raise CF2 to new heights.

My request is to publish the source code of the game, at least partially. If you do, I’m certain we’ll have a flourishing open-source project, and after CF2 servers stop responding, the community’s edition will fill the void no other game can, and will keep the love for the game flowing. Bugs will be created and fixed, and features will be added. Maybe we could refactor the game so it won’t depend on Flash. Since Hidden Monster Games no longer has intentions to profit from CF2, I honestly believe Curve Fever 2 can be the most successful open-source game.

If you decide to keep the code a secret, I hope you grant permission to others to develop a none-profit replica of CF2 without having to worry about copyright.

I believe the game has a lot of unfulfilled potential. It is so unique, it is both simplistic and complex in many ways. And as the players can testify, it’s very different from CF PRO. It would be a huge shame for all of us if CF2 freezes, and sooner or later dies.

As a Curve Fever fan (CF PRO too), and a programming enthusiast, I don’t want CF2 to end like CF3. If the developers have no plans to prevent it, let the curvers try.


+1, good post. They won't do it, but it's a good idea

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Great idea Kanev,I've been playing CF2 over 8years never got bored of this game,and you right about the potential this game has.

your post really reminds me the project borealis or boreal alyph that the community is working on HL for the fans.

I hope the Developers will take it into consideration 


You're crazy if you think someone would go through all that effort for free. Needs to be some sort of incentive. Btw the game has already reached its full potential there is no chance of it ever getting back to where it once was


This is possibly the best idea anyone on this forum has ever had.

I can't see this idea restoring CF2 to its glory days, but implementing some new features (like a unique curve colour) would entice me to waste a little more time on this game.

A brand new game mode though... Well, that would be very interesting.

Either way, great idea. You have my support.

To anyone doubting whether or not users would willingly put in effort into updating this game: you would be surprised how much free time some people have, and how some of them may be nice enough to lend a hand for free. 

I've been a part of other communities where this idea has come into effect, and it was quite successful. 

I know of one 'old-timer' who even had the patience to fully revive a game which had shut down years ago, (yes, for free, by himself).

He even publicly shared his project: 

(Notice how 'Reborn' is included in the title of the menu screen ;)

This game is dead now but I used to speedrun this game a lot in 2011/2012, and sometimes I come back to it, just for a bit of nostalgia. Plus, it has great music!

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Let's do it!

If geert realse the source-code we have to think what to do next.

CF2 is currently working on playerio servers, client site is written in ActionScript 3 (Flash)

Client site is the problematic one. So first I would recommend to write new client, which could work along with the old server. 

We have to choose the new client platform the are three options:

  • Unity 3D client
  • JavaScript client
  • .Net client

I would suggest a .Net client

Next we have to make a repository on github or gitlab

Next find programmers to work on this project (I'm in)

and divide the work


You are SO right! I support this activity fo' sure. Let's do it!

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Thank you all for your support, and for sharing your opinion :)
I want to clarify that I’m against making dramatic changes in the game. I like it the way it is (excluding lags and bugs). By “unfulfilled potential” and “reaching new heights” I meant making the game more popular and attracting more people.


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When you pitched the idea to me in-game I was not sold on it. But I have chewed it over a bit and it does make a lot of sense, probably the only thing that can save the game we love. Having said that, it being a great idea and the right thing to do are probably two good reasons for the devs not making it happen lol... However should this happen I would be glad to help as much as I can. My tech skills are limited but I have friends who are pro at it and who could probably help. I could bring to the project 15 years of experience in the simracing branch of online gaming (modding, creating events, running leagues and moderating them).


Anyways, thanks to Kanev for this great idea. CF2 deserves better than the sad programmed death that is scheduled for it.

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TheWicked wrote:

To anyone doubting whether or not users would willingly put in effort into updating this game: you would be surprised how much free time some people have, and how some of them may be nice enough to lend a hand for free. 


How very true. However such a project would need some cash input for it to work, if only for servers and other essentials. But then they raised over a QUARTER BILLION DOLLARS from the community for Star Citizen, hell if we can't raise 0.1% of that for CF mesays. The potential is so huge, rarely has the "build it and they will come" motto has made more sense regarding an online gaming project imho.

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I think the readers of this post should know the following.

I sent an email to CF support requesting to consider the idea. Geert replied: "Unfortunately we can't make CF2 open source as large parts of the code is still used in”.

The source code is his property. We can’t demand public access.

I just hope CF2 won’t reach the destination of the path it’s headed.

Anyhow, Thanks again for reading, replying and willing to take a part.

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It would make no sense for him to publish the source code of CF2 since he would actively help setting up a new competitor. It could hurt his buisness to let another Curve Fever grow beside his CF Pro bullshit. No one shoots himself in the foot.

The other option is to rebuild CF with a modern game engine, but this project would be enormous work. A very time intensive thing to do with the probability that there won't be any profit-making. Thus, no one will get it done. There is just no incentive and that is why this game will just die.

Geert is actually the Dumbest fucking human cunt ive ever heard of. What an absolute idiot. I'd slap his fucking head off if i met him

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Thanks for the effort anyway Kanev. At least nobody will be able to say we (well you, actually) didn't try.

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lol this is truely amazing, especially the chat programming, thanks for sharing