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Main Curve Fever Site doesn't work

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Main Curve Fever Site doesn't work

Hey guys!

I usually play on this site:

But for some reason around 2 days ago when I went on the site, nothing showed up. The tab name is Curve Fever- Flash. I'm on Chrome. The sign-in doesn't show up. I have gone onto Chrome settings and enabled flash and it still doesn't work. Btw, I live in the USA. I've heard others from Canada have the same problem. I had to go onto other sites like in order to play the game. The smaller screen and the increased lag is annoying. Is there a way to fix this without getting the standalone version?

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I had the same problem, but this link works for me:


I have the same the problem. I am from Argentina. I sent an email to telling them the problem with screenshots but they didnt answer me. I hope they can fix this soon.

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We made some changes to check if flash is installed on the players PC. However, for some players who have javascript disabled, it showed a blank page. We have fixed this issue yesterday. Can you confirm that everything works for you now again?



Yea, thanks, it is working.

I was troubleshooting this problem really long time but let it go and going on CF2 through MS Edge browser (no full screen option - lol).


FIX: Install latest version of flash.

I have now the same problem while I downloaded flash. How to fix?

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