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magdula boosting team rank

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magdula boosting team rank

I want to report the player magdula for boosting team rank with Meringue.

Meringue (usually 1,5-1,6k team rank) takes an 1,1k acc (red lips) to boost magdula.

We asked him to take his higher acc, but still playing on the lower one.


ffa eu top 6.2%
team eu top 20%
Clan: DNVD

Dear Z-Style,

thank you for your report:
To quote a paragraph in the rules: "Playing repetitively in team games with users on very low-ranked second accounts (compared to their other accounts)"
That happened here because of the amount of the games: A ban lasting 10 days is given, no reduce will be given as they boosted ranked was lost meanwhile. Furthermore account 19dami98 is also banned.
Feel free to contact me and we can talk about.

Kind regards

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