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Low fps?

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Low fps?

Hi everybody,

Since yesterday I can't play actung die Kurve as I used to play.

Normally your line moves in around 60 fps.

But the counter above the field in my games shows that I play between the 40 fps and 70 fps? And it really switches fast.

Though, for me it looks like I play around 10 fps. My line goes not flexible as before and that makes it really difficult to go through holes etc.

Sometimes it looks that I go slow and then suddenly I move really fast and I continue as it should be. I don't know what there is wrong?

Who can help me?

Gr. Quixy

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Clan: MOD

Did you change PC or browser?


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Hi Geert,

I didn't change my browser. I just play at google chrome.

I also didn't change my PC. It suddenly happenned.

Today, I did a factory reset with my laptop, but still I have the same problem.

The fault is also not in my connection because on the laptop of my mother it works as it used to be.

I still don't know what the problem is...

Gr. Quixy

Edit: Maybe there is a problem in my videocart? But that is very unlikely.

Some stats that may be helpfull: 60.0fps 1ms Qual:High Ping Lag:29 ms