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Lost my account

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Lost my account

Hey i've lost my account i had a lot of colours on it and i had a lot of icons on it is there anyway i can get it back :| i forgot the password and its not registered under my email but you can check from my ip that all the loggs on that account are the same what can i do about this my account username was Polo Bear thanks for your time :)


Hello Polo Bear

If you forgot the password, you can request a new password via mail. Simply logout and enter the username . If you don't remember your mail, then you got a problem. Then the last way would be to send a mail to with some proof that it is your account(e.g. proof of the premium payment). Have a good day



ok thank you very much i messaged

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This issue is now in the hands of the Support, thank you Persuasion for having informed BabyDontWorry.

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