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longtime Absence

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longtime Absence


Im not going to be able to play for quit a while like one year+

so my question is will the rank decreasing system continuously proceed to decrease my rank or is it going to stop at a certain point like at the next lower 00 digits for example? (1456 -> 1400) And also how am I going to be able to preserve my acc nick on CF3 if there will be only active acc´s tranferred? Since im willingly active but inactive due to my current circumstances!

Thx for all helpful answers

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Hi qecksilber,

The rank tends towards 1200 if inactive. It won't go lower than this.

The transferral of your account name is something the devs will have to answer to be sure. But my guess would be something along the lines of playing at least 1 game within a certain period of time (prior to the release). But again....the devs will be the ones to decide that. 



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We're not sure yet about how we're going to transfer accounts to CF3. But we will mail everyone on launch, so make sure you have a propper email set.

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allright i´ll be ready :)